Avesha Michael

Firecrafted Ceramics and Handmade Porcelain Jewelry

This is happening… I’ve been containing my excitement but I found my first studio space!!! I have the four walls, which has been a dream long time coming … now I need the tools to bring this dream to life! I’m doing a fundraising campaign and I’m giving some amazing rewards away… like a POTTERY CLASS with your truly among many others!
If you know me, you know how much this dream means to me… and how deeply grateful I am for all the support of my friends and family
Please check out my video (thanks to Eugene Haynes IV  at Bobby London Media !!!!!!) and bring this little studio space to Culver City! I’m besides myself with excitement for making this all happen as a community and to be able to bring my heart and soul in what I am most passionate about to others on a greater scale!
In gratitude…

and PLEASE share this link… it would mean the galaxy to me!

In Honor of a Hero: Nelson Mandela

In honor of a magnificent hero.  In the deepest of gratitude, thank you Nelson Mandela.

I was so moved by just saying Nelson Mandela’s name this morning on the phone speaking with my mom standing in the isle picking my energy bar that I welled up with emotion, completely unable to speak, for fear of bursting into tears in the middle of TJs in WeHo.  So touched by the profound beauty of his character and moreover his spirit…I collected myself and proceeded to the studio, whilst listening to KCRW’s beautiful tribute to him on the radio.   At the studio, I decided for the first time in I can’t remember how long, to set aside an afternoon for me, to create something that I “felt” rather than a deadline or order I had to fulfill…and being alone, which is a rarity there, I turned on Fela and just had a good time.  I need to do this more often.  image

Last week while at USC County Urgent Care at Hudson Clinic, I received confirmation of, what was at the time, some devastating news.  I left the clinic while waiting for medication, to sit in my car after a 9 hour day of waiting in pain.  I broke down.  completely and utterly down. 

Not more than 10 minutes later,  I met a perfect stranger.  A stranger, whom I believe was a clearly sent messenger from source, spirit, the universe… whatever you want to call it…

I don’t ever recall having a more profound, mind-awakening, self-reflecting connection with a perfect stranger.  We talked, mostly I listened, in the hall to the pharmacy… all the while, I came back to life if you will… remembering on a deeper level, the truth of who I am.

"I see you", he said… among other powerfully reflective addresses to the nature of who I truly am, beyond the limitations I surround myself in and how I hold myself in this world… to anchor that: Had and Did.

In parting, this perfect stranger felt just as grateful as I, him being of service and lifting a soul from out of the fog of falsity… and I, in being so remarkably reminded at the most divine moment ever, of the truest of truths… by a perfect stranger.

Some days later he sent me this video… with the phrase:
"finding the way to be better you,choose now choose well.s"

Thank you Wilfredo… thank you something greater, that which is and of everyone of us… hiding in the darkness, asking to be brought into the light.

I remember he said:”The smallest light in a dark space, can light up so much…
 but the smallest darkness in so much light (as these florescents above us in this hallway) can’t do anything to the light.”

In the same way, this video reminds me… move into your fear… there is only love, there is only freedom… there never was fear at all.

In gratitude.

“Trying to run away is never the answer to being a fully human. Running away from the immediacy of our experience is like preferring death to life.”
― Pema Chödrön

Things you will never hear me say

Woo hoo I want a pair
Could you please close the windows
I want to spend my birthday on a boat
It’s cold, I think I’ll wear turtle neck
Yeah I’ll take a popcorn
I love horror movies
Road trip to Vegas!
I’m craving a hot dog
Don’t kill that spider he’s living too
Sure I’ll take the Middle seat
Old black-and-white movies bore me
pudding is my favorite dessert
I’m so attracted to blondes
Can I borrow your Chapstick?
I have to force myself to drink water
Bright colors are my thing
meningitis? No big deal
Pshhhh… Needles
Ummm, carrot juice.
Do you have it in red?
I like a man with small hands
Only if you promise
Lol, lmao, bff’s, bestie chillax jelly
…intermission for nausea break…
the bath is too hot
I don’t mind the smell of my cat’s shit
Rainy days depress me
I don’t like receiving flowers, they’re a waste
I hope tight jeans on a man stays around for a while

Avesha Michael Studio Mission

Avesha Michael is a ceramic studio that is dedicated to hand crafted goods that empower and support women, men and children in connecting with the truth and beauty of who they truly are and celebrating the gifts of our precious environment and creative capacity that enriches our daily lives.  Our goods are created in the most conscious and heartfelt way… spreading love one design at a time. 

The studio is dedicated to environmental sustainability, sourcing locally and leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible while crafting high quality, hand crafted goods.

The studio is committed to bringing as much beauty into the world through the natural, organic element of the clay as we can get our hands on… while enriching and connecting the lives of the members of our community and beyond.


Black as the night [Nahko Bear] (by Grototote)

—There Is a Rose (Original by Keri Johnson)- Arrangement/Guitars by Teodor & Jerker Ulmanen

My extremely talented operatically trained singer and dear friend Keri Johnson’s newest work.  These are all original lyrics… enjoy!